A Bowl in Paradise

By Charles-André Roh Translated by Maria Marta Speroni (with special thanks to Kirsten Craig)

After a hard working life, three service dogs reach paradise.

A police dog, a mine detection dog, and finally, a guide dog for the blind. They all meet and share the same water bowl. They tell each other their stories, their activities, their training and indulge in some very personal reflections about human beings.

One day, the chief of this paradise informs them that they are soon to return to Earth. They will, however, have to respect one very peculiar condition…

This fresh and humorous novel offers a different approach to life.

And, should human beings be able to live the same experience… perhaps, would they enjoy sharing their bowl?

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Author Charles-André Roh

Translator Maria Marta Speroni
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Publishing House
Editions du Serin Sàrl

Published & Distributed
Librairie Suisse Albert le Grand SA

ISBN : 978-2-9700783-7-1

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The author was born in Geneva in 1953 and has worked for around forty years in the cyber security banking sector.

His novels entitled « Hacker from Son to Father » and « Hacker from Teenager to Professional » establish his expertise in the subject. A disease caused him the complete loss of his eyesight in 2012 as he was writing his third novel « Hacker from Ancient to Expert».

At present entirely devoted to writing, this blind novelist dedicates this, his last book, to host families for guide dogs who, thanks to their spirit of self-sacrifice and determination, offer some eyes to the blind.